First Aid Kit – Ruins!

The Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit just released their fourth album Ruins. I already told you (six years ago!) how wonderful I believe the music of the two sisters sounds. These days, I seldom listen to whole albums anymore – I prefer my own playlists with the distinct songs I currently like. Ruins is the big exception – I listen to it from the first song until the last and I like them all. And by the way: The two videos below are also beautiful to watch!

Happy listening (& watching)!

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First Aid Kit

With Lions Roar the two swedish sisters of First Aid Kit made such an exceptional wonderful album that not only the whole blogger world (and now also me) seems to write about them, but that I listen to it on permanently repeat modus. And the latter happens extremely seldom. In most cases, I only like a few songs of an album and that’s it. But this time it’s different: Their voices are so clear and soft and seem to melt with each other, their texts are beautiful in a melancholic way, and their tunes are nice but not too flashy. Just love them!

At the Polar Music Prize 2011 First Aid Kit played Pattie Smith’s “Dancing Barefoot” in front of Patti Smith (who was moved to tears):

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.