Perfect Places Pt. 8: It’s Summer, Yeah!

It’s summer, I’m at the sea, life is as crazy as ever…You know what comes now: A Perfect Places Post! So, let’s dream again – from perfect camping nights, picnics with good friends, out-of-the-way huts, blooming flowers and those most perfect summer rains.

I wish you a perfect start into a perfect new summer week with a lot of perfect moments and your very own perfect places!

highest heelsCan there be anything better than a clear night sky and a comfy tent? Credit

wellywomanFlowers and a wood hut: The ingredients for wonderful summer memories. Credit

the laneSometimes even rain looks comfy. Time to relax inside and smell the rainy scent! Credit

the fashion albaCan you smell the flowers and feel the sun spots on you skin? I can 🙂 Credit

amnyamekyeA picnic at the beach! And it doesn’t even look too windy! Now let’s have a sip of pink lemonade. CreditbluaOhhh. A Patio. At a lake! With melon … and a glass of red wine! Credit

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