Washed Up!

Pollution is a huge environmental problem – we all know this. Plastic litter becomes more and more catastrophic for our seas – with consequences no one really can predict. Artist Alejandro Durán makes this problem visible in an unusual and beautiful way: For his Washed Up project he collects litter that made its way to the beaches of Sian Ka’an, Mexico’s largest federally protected reserve. Then he uses the found pieces to create color-specific litter sculptures that mimic nature. The shocking fact is that during the project he identified waste from fifty nations on six continents. An idea with incredible impact.

I wish you a weekend full of bright days and a lot of impact!

5_algasAlgas, 20135_riachueloRiachuelo, 2010

5_nubes-2011Nubes, 2011

5_mar_v2Mar, 2010

5_gotaGota, 2011

5_derrameDerrame, 2010

All pics taken from the Washed Up website. Via Design Crush. Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links. If you are interested in putting ads on My so-called Luck feel free to email me for details!

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