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The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guides!

*** Enthält unbezahlte, unbeauftragte Werbung *** Gestern erst erschien ein Artikel auf Spiegel Online, dass sich Online-Weinproben momentan immer größerer Beliebtheit erfreuen. Tja, was soll ich sagen: Womöglich haben wir auch gerade unser drittes Online-Tasting während der Pandemie gebucht. Bisher haben wir eine vom Weinladen St. Pauli organisierte Weinprobe mitgemacht und eine vom Weingut Alten. […]

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Print Wish List!

In my new flat are still some empty walls left. So, I looked into my „Wish List“-folder to get some inspirations. Here’s what I found… I wish you a beautiful & warm weekend! I am in Frankfurt celebrating Marie’s & Helge’s civil ceremony. Whoop, whoop! AMMIKI. Via Etsy. Wendy MacNaughton (I would take every print

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Pen & Ink

(The here often mentioned before) Wendy MacNaughton in collaboration with Isaac Fitzgerald launched a new blog last month, which I just have to share with you: Pen & Ink – Tattoos and the stories behind them. It is a collection of illustrated tattoos and the stories behind them. I simply love the revealed secrets behind

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May Favs

Here they come, my May Favs… And what a gorgeous month it is! The summer stands right before our doors, everyone is excited about the warm season, and hopefully the weather will be on our side when the next bank holidays will arrive: Pentecost and Ascension Day. -This May seems to be a lazy one!

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April Favs

April… This crazy month with all its unexpected weather changes – snow, rain, and sun in Germany in the last few days. But it’s also one of my favorites, because it always feels like a fresh start with the sudden exploding of all kinds of blooms and flowers, the easter festivities and the first days

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