Inventory: Skirts!

Three of my 22 (!) skirts. Pic by Franzi. This week I counted my skirts. The result is the gigantic number of 22! Eleven airy bell-shaped skirts and eleven tight skirts. It’s funny that I still think that I have nothing to wear with all this skirt options in my wardrobe :D. I resolve to …

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Armed Angles (left) – Armed Angles (middle) – Armed Angels (right). Grüne Erde (left) – Hess Natur (middle) – People Tree (right). It’s getting HOT!!! So, take your skirts and show them the summer world. Not that I would normally wear trousers ;)…  Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links. If you are …

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Tea-length Skirts!

Last week in Oxford, while walking through narrow streets and old college buildings, I realized one big style trend among the female students: Tea-length skirts (somehow this description for skirts that end at the calves fits perfectly to Great Britain)! I am pretty sure that this is not a skirt length I will wear myself …

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