Lipstick Ladies!

Bright red lips are such an easy fix to freshen up every face! All those different shades: Orange-red, blood-red, pinky red! Those stylish ladies presented here are wonderful examples of the artwork a lipstick can do… Example 1 – Example 2 – Example 3 – Example 4 – Example 5 – Example 6 – Example […]

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Go Nautical!

It’s summer, it’s hot and it’s time to go away and visit the sea. And I will 🙂 ! Soon! And then I will wear only blue and white and red. But even for the time apart from the beach there’s always a reason to go nautical. Don’t you think? It’s just a timeless and

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Flaming Reds

It is still incredibly freezing. Yesterday, my train took one hour longer than on normal days because of frozen rail switches 🙁 So it’s time to bring the heat back into the country. Maybe it works with these flaming red clothes. Red is not a trend. It’s a colour that will always be stylish. In

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