Wrapping Ideas!

Rainbow Yarn Wrap – Washcloth Reindeer – Maps. Newspaper Bird – Newspapers – Clean & Simple. Here comes the question: Do you already have all X-Mas presents? And now the next one: How will you decorate them? Just in case that you still need some wrapping ideas, here are six ways I really like. Like …

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Sustainable Presents!

Seed Balls – Romper Suit – Hammam Towel. Oxfam Donkey – Bracelet – Soulbottle. Here are just a few sustainable gift ideas for X-Mas. Something for your girlfriends, something for the gardening lover, something for the little dears and something for a good conscience. Have fun shopping! Like always: All credits appear after clicking the …

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Hello Baby!

Current events in my circle of friends led to one big question: What is the perfect present for a new-born? A toy? A babysitting/washing up/cooking voucher for the parents? Something practical… like a swaddle? I don’t reveal my own decision for a present, but I believe that these are all wonderful ideas. Book – Swaddle …

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