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Last Minute Dekoideen für die Weihnachtstafel!

*** Enthält unbezahlte, unbeauftragte Werbung ***

Unsere (Vor-)Weihnachtstafel… die Tischdecke wie immer ungebügelt 🙂

Und schon haben wir den 24. Dezember – Merry X-Mas ! Braucht Ihr noch ein paar Last Minute-Ideen für Eure Weihnachtstafel?

Was auf gar keinen Fall fehlen darf ist ein weihnachtliches Gesteck. Ich habe dafür den Pflanzentrend 2018 schlechthin – Eukalyptus – mit den typischen roten Stechpalmenbeeren (Ilex, bei Kindern aufpassen, dass sie die Beeren nicht essen) kombiniert.

Unser Weihnachtsgesteck

Als optischen Kick habe ich noch ein paar neonfarbene Papierdiamaten  auf den Tisch gelegt. Die sind, wenn man einmal verstanden hat, wie es geht, recht einfach in etwa 20 Minuten pro Stück gebastelt. Die Anleitung habe ich aus dem Hygge-Magazin. HIER ist das Erklärvideo dazu.


Jetzt wünsche ich Euch allen eine besinnliche Woche – mit viel Zeit für Familie, Freunde und reichlich gutem Essen :)!

A Splash of Neon!

We are celebrating the first of May and are all (still/again) wishing the sun would be a bit more present this week. But never mind, we will start into the fresh month in a good mood anyway. And neon seems to be a good helper to brighten up our days. To be honest, I wore more than enough neon colored clothes during the 90s and I was slightly shocked when I realised their reappearance in the shops. After some procrastination I come now to the conclusion that one neon piece may not be the worst idea – in combination with a neutral grey tone it even looks like fun!

I wish you all a perfect (and bright) May 1!

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Questions to ask yourself!

Pic by Franzi.

This new weeks starts with a bunch of questions everyone should ask himself from time to time …and then his friends …and then they should ask their friends …and so on. I found most of them in the current issue of the German zine Neon (and added a few interesting ones by myself). Incredible how much you can learn about yourself by answering some simple questions!

In your live, what moved you forward: Rationality or irrationality?

Are you scared to fall in love?

Would you donate your kidney to a stranger?

What secrets do you keep from your parents?

Is it easier for you to suppress your feelings or to pretend something that you don’t feel at all?

Can you deal a whole month without any alcohol?

Can you engage yourself for something different than yourself?

Is there someone, you wish you had never met?

Are you doing other people good?

At night, what do you dream about the most?

What is more important for you: To love or to be loved?

Do you know the 10 Commandments and what do you think about them?

For whom are you an imposition?

What’s your biggest “what if”?

It’s your last day on earth: What is the last song you would like to hear?

Do liked these questions? Find more in THIS German book.

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