Inventory: Belts!

My belt collection. Pics by Franzi. I own eleven belts – I could literally combine every jeans with a different belt.  Since I nearly never wear trousers I also nearly never wear belts. BUT if a wear trousers I HAVE to wear it with a belt, otherwise the trousers wouldn’t stay where they belong for …

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Inventory: Jeans!

My jeans collection. Pics by Franzi. I cannot really believe it, but I own ten jeans. TEN! And now comes the fun fact: I maybe wear jeans every 30 days or something like that. They are practical and easy to style with everything. Nevertheless, I often don’t feel like myself wearing them. I like myself …

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A Rediscovered Must-Have: Jeans Jackets!

Lately, I accidentally listened to the following conversation between two parents in a high street store. He: „Why does our daughter need a new jacket anyway?“ She: „Because she needs a jeans jacket.“ He: „But she has already a jacket.“ She: „But no jeans jacket. She sais she needs a jeans jacket because it is …

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