Hearts – Yellow – Black. Rosé – Orange – Mustard. I love tights! They are simple to wear, look always chic, are easy to style… unfortunately there are not many options to get sustainable tights. The only solutions I found (so far) are the label Bataillon Belette or the label Braintree. Do you know any […]

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Blue: The sky, the sea, the air. The perfect cool color for warm days. Blue is relaxed and laid-back. And now you have to excuse me – I have to search in my wardrobe for a blue skirt! I – II – III – IV – V – VI – VII – VIII – IX

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Colored Tights!

My pal Isa was clearly ahead of her time when she wore constantly bright-colored tights several years ago. Back then, this was a pretty unique style message. At the moment you can see them everywhere on the streets… and what a nice touch of color for every outfit the are! Perfect for grey winter days!

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Pastel Colours

Today’s post is very short (but sooo beautiful): Pastel tops and shirts seem to be everywhere right now. I like their fresh and innocent look. – Just the ideal colour scheme to welcome the spring! What about you – would you wear them? Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

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