Enchilada Pot!

Pics by Franzi. Here comes another gluten-free recipe… this time with a Mexican touch: An enchilada pot with taco shell pieces! ¡Ay, caramba! Recipe: Serves 3. Ingredients: 2 TblSps olive oil, 5 taco shells (cut into pieces), 1 diced onion, 1 zucchini (diced), 1 bell pepper (diced), 1 garlic clove (minced), app. 200 g corn, …

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A New (Delicious) Food Trend: Buddha Bowls!

Pics by Franzi. Did you hear about the latest big food trend, Buddha Bowls? The name comes from Buddhas ‚big belly‘. It’s one bowl filled with healthy ingredients from every food group: Carbohydrates, proteins, and yes, a bit fat. I am already addicted! How to create a Buddha Bowl (as an example): Choose vegetables you …

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Chili sin Carne!

Pic by Franzi. Eating gluten-free means I am hungry all the time! Luckily, this changed with this recipe for Chili sin Carne. It was funny to prepare because it feels like cooking a lentil soup the whole time and then finally it really turns into a… Chili sin Carne. Yummi! Recipe: Serves 4. Ingredients: 250 …

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