Travel Bags!

I only realized this weekend that I am in urgent need for some new travel gear. All the bags I have are having either holes or non-functioning zippers. Here are some candidates that I could imagine to accompany me on my next trips. A duffel bag for the gym. Via American Apparel. The small bag …

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Eco Accessories!

I’m in a hurry today… So, let’s just grab some pretty (eco) accessories and let’s go! Oh, now I can’t decide for the most beautiful items. Maybe I will take them all 😉 I – II – III – IV – V – VI – VII – VIII Like always: All credits appear after clicking …

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November Favs!

I have to admit that November is not one of my favorite months… Okay, to be very clear about it: I dread it. Everything is gray and dusty and cold and wet. Not very mood-lifting, indeed. But one should see the positive things as well … mmh… wait, I will find something soon. Oh yeah …

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