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We Never Met!

I really enjoy those moments when I sit in a coffee shop, observing the people arround me and to think about the stories they might have to tell. …That’s exactly what London-based Alex Mendes and Hugo Catraio do. They make a photo of totally strangers and imagine short stories about them without ever actually speaking …

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Washed Up!

Pollution is a huge environmental problem – we all know this. Plastic litter becomes more and more catastrophic for our seas – with consequences no one really can predict. Artist Alejandro Durán makes this problem visible in an unusual and beautiful way: For his Washed Up project he collects litter that made its way to …

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For all the record lovers out there: Sleeveface!

Like you all should already know by now (because I think I mentioned it several times) – since a few months, I’m the proud owner of a record player. And my record collection is growing rapidly. When I saw the Sleeveface project I thought immediately about all the possibilities with my own record sleeves – …

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