Stage Hog Udo Lindenberg!

Udo Lindenberg is a national icon – every tourist in Hamburg will be told at least one time that he lives in the Atlantic Hotel at the Alster. I am grown up with lots of songs from him – my father played Sonderzug nach Pankow and told us about the political implications of the song, Hinterm Horizont was everywhere when I grew up and in the last years Udo impressed with new interpretations of his old songs and new German rock hits.

And yes, Udo also paints and there’s even a musical. But there is one thing that really impresses me: This man is more than 70 years old and he rocks the stage heavier than any 20 year old I know.

I saw him at the Frankfurt book fair two weeks ago, where he presented his and Tine Acke’s book Stärker als die Zeit. It was hilarious to see this big entertainer on a stage, surrounded by suit-wearing bookish people …and in the end, everyone was moving to his unmistakable voice.

Have fun listening!

Mein Ding – one of his latest hits

Udo at the Frankfurt Book Fair (Look at all those mobile phones!)

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