Quince Bread (Membrillo)!

quince-breadPic by Franzi.

Autumn means quince season – and lots of quince jelly! With the remaining fruit you can prepare quince bread (or ‚membrillo‘ or ‚quince cheese‚), a sweet treat for cold afternoons!

Recipe: Makes around 25 pieces.


1kg quinces (rubbed with a dry towel, cleaned and cut into pieces), 250 ml water, 1kg sugar, 1 TSp cinnamon, 50g cane sugar.


Put the quince pieces into a big pot, add water and cook with a closed lid for app. 50 minutes at a mild temperature. Pass the cooked quinces through a sieve. Weight the quince mass and add an equal amount of sugar. Cook in an open pot at mild temperature for app. 60 minutes. Stir regularly. Add cinnamon. Spread the quince mass evenly onto a baking tray (app. 0,5 cm thick). Sprinkle with cane sugar. Let dry on air for app. 8 days (yes, you read correct: days). Then cut into pieces.  You may also dry it in a preheated oven (at 200°C), but let the door slightly open and turn the oven immediately down at 50°C. Then bake for several hours until the mass is dry enough. Sprinkle with more cane sugar and store the quince bread at a dry place.


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