New Hobby: Sewing!

sewing1Colorful yarns. Pic by Franzi.

I have a new flatmate. Actually, she’s quite old already – my sewing machine! I got it from the belated mother of a friend’s friend. The same day it moved in with me, my father called and told me that he planned to give me a sewing machine as a Christmas present. He was devastated when I told him that he was too late. So, it seems that the universe wanted to give me a sewing machine right now. Despite the fact that I have no time and nearly no experience I really would like to learn it. Thank god, the web is full of easy tutorials. My first goal is sewing these baby trousers for all the little ones in my live. Wish me luck!

What about you – do you have a sewing machine yourself? Any tips how to start?

sewing2My new (yet quite old) sewing machine.

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