The Books I’ve Read: Bretonische Flut // Breton Flood by Jean-Luc Bannalec!

Actually, the title of today’s post should be changed into “The Books I’ve Listened to….”. Bretonische Flut (Breton Flood) by Jean-Luc Bannalec is the fifth book of the „Commissaire Dupin“ series. I only read the very first book and then switched to the audio versions read by Gerd Wameling, who is a fantastic reader and it’s a real treat to listen to his narration.

This time, „Commissaire Dupin“ has to investigate the death of two young women: One was making her money with fishing, the other one was a marine scientist. The „Commissaire“ has to switch between three different islands during his investigation (he’s easily getting seasick) and there are also real Breton pirates! An easy but thrilling read (or better listening), that’s as excellent as the other Dupin books.

I wish you a wonderful weekend! Have a thrillingly good one :)!

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