New Beauty Routine: Argan Oil!

*** Enthält unbezahlte, unbeauftragte Werbung ***

argan1The oil I’m using. Pic by Franzi.

Since a few weeks I am using Argan oil instead of my good old face cream – morning and evening (I use exactly this oil). Only in the mornings I am adding a layer of sunscreen (SPF 30) on top of the oil. Argan oil is known to be good for sensible and also oily skin. Compared with other oils it’s very light, rich in essential fatty acids and in vitamin E. When I started applying it, my skin first had to get used to it and felt a bit itchy. But after one week, it actually was softer and my sensible spots are nearly gone. I am a big fan now. Big plus: I also use it for my hair and massage a tiny bit of oil into the tips of my wet hair after washing it.

What about you – do you have any experiences with beauty oils? Let me know!

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