The Art of the Brick!

we1Clear windows! All Pics by Franzi.

The weekend I started with cleaning my windows (which I only do every few years… ;)). The result was a bright fresh view. Maybe I should do this more often. Later we went into the fabulous exhibition The Art of the Brick by LEGO (!) artist Nathan Sawaya in the HafenCity. His pieces were fascinating … and in the end we stood in front of a box full of LEGO and build our own little creations. Big fun!

I wish you a wonderful start into the fresh week – have a playful one!

we3The stylish new train station HafenCity Universität.

we2The light installations of the station.

we4The famous Yellow in the exhibition The Art of the Brick by Nathan Sawaya.

we6Some more (creepy) pieces by Nathan Sawaya.

we5Another one.

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