What I Learned at the… re:publica #rpTEN!

Republica One of the many wonderfully designed stage ‚mirror‘ walls! Pic by Franzi.

„Make the health of the internet a social issue. Everyone needs to be aware of it.“
Mark Surman (Mozilla)

Wow, the last week was over in a sec! Three days re:publica #rpTEN – filled with hundreds of talks and incredible 8,000 visitors! Here are my ten take-home messages I would like to share with you :).

„Governments are building social graphs everywhere. This is for the purpose of perfect social control. {…} When we go cashless, we make the free market obsolete in every sense. … Then everything has become a transaction at the will of a third-party who can withhold at any time.“
Eben Moglan in his opening Keynote ‚The last kilometer, the last chance‘ with Mishi Choudhary.

„If you were from Mars, you wouldn’t talk to humans but to machines. They are where the information is to be found“
Luciano de Floridi in his talk ‚The fourth revolution‘.

„All our other rights derive from this one, our right of privacy. {…} If you say you don’t need privacy because you have nothing to hide, you can also say you don’t need the right of speech because you’ve nothing to say.“
Edward Snowden in the discussion about Luciano de Floridi’s talk ‚The fourth revolution‘.

„That’s what an open system does – it creates noise and tension, not comfort. And that opens people up.“
Richard Sennett’s view on the effect of refugees in his talk ‚The open city as a system‘.

„Notice that most people in this room have a terrorist credit score but there is no way to finding out what it is.“
Kate Crawford (Microsoft Research New York).

„By leaking information and fleeing to another country, they are not trying to changing their own political system but political systems in general. {…} What would it mean to belong to democracy despite to a state?“
Geoffroy de Lagasnerie in his talk ‚The art of revolt. Snowden, Assange, Manning‘.

„The internet of things is the nervous system for the things we create. {…} In less than one human lifetime computers have gone from simple child’s games to the master of game of any kind. {…} Computers have always been like captain Spock, now they become more and more captain Kirk. {…} The shape of things to come looks a lot like us.“
Jeff Kowalski (Autodesk) in his talk ‚The shape of things to come‘.

„During women’s menstrual cycle we have three phases where they react to medication very differently. {…} If you wanna challenge your doctor, ask if you have to take your medication differently during the different phases of your cycle.“
Sarah Hiltner in her talk ‚Gender Medicine: What has sex got to do with it?‘ #sexgendermed #rehealth.

„Social Media was for me not familiarity but work. {…} If stress for people with depression is the same as cigarettes for people with a heart disease, then social media is toxic for people with depression (because it causes stress). And if social media for a certain group of people is evil, then it needs a certain health warning.“
Kati Krause in her talk about social media and depression #rehealth.

„I am not afraid. {…} The goal of the terrorists isn’t to hit the people at a certain place but to create the angst in the head of the other people. That’s why we upload videos – to create a counterbalance.“
Nemi El-Hassan (Datteltäter), who uploads funny-satirical videos about IS terrorists.

I wish you a wonderful start into the fresh week. Stay curious!

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