Pasta Dough!

pastaPic by Franzi.

Home-made pasta? Yes! Now I also have a pasta maker and prepared my very first batch of pasta with it. It took me quite a while to understand the machine (maybe I will give an introduction in a later post), but the result was delicious. Here’s how I made the dough…

Recipe: Makes 450 g.

Ingredients: 300 g fine wheat flour, 3 eggs, 1TblSp olive oil.


Gently mix the flour, eggs and olive oil until a homogenous texture is reached. Knead for 5 to 8 additional minutes (I used the kitchen machine) until the dough is smooth. Wrap the dough in cling film and let rest for 1 hour. Roll out to prepare lasagna plates or the pasta form of your wishes (I used a pasta maker). Use the pasta immediately or let dry and freeze it.


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