Short Film: Young Hearts by Acapulco!

„We met at a retirement home. I saw her, grabbed a business card from my pocket and slammed it on her table. That same night, she rang suggesting we should go on a date.“ Hans

Hans (79) & Edith (76), Ellen (84) & Horst (77), Ralf & Kristin (both 73) – three couples with two things in common: They are in love with each other and with dancing. Every Monday, they attend a senior’s disco in Berlin Steglitz and prove that love and the lust for life are never-ending. This heart-warming short film is made by film duo Acapulco (aka Nadine Schrader and Julia Wilczok) and has one simple lesson: It doesn’t matter, if you are 18 or 81 – Love is all.

I wish you a wonderful weekend. Have a lovely one :)!

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