SUR-FAKE by Antoine Geiger!

When I visited the Louvre in 2007 there was a strike by the museum attendants because too many visitors tried to make photos from the paintings with digital cameras. The museum was closed for a few hours and I thought that it made totally sense. Why do you need to make a photo of the paintings (and stand in the way of other visitors who really are interested in LOOKING at the art)? Today the digital cameras are gone and exchanged for mobile phones: In museums people use them for selfies (!), in the tube no one is looking at each other anymore but on the small screens and on the streets it’s getting more and more dangerous because everyone only takes attention to the mobile phones instead of the traffic. I am not excluding myself. Nevertheless, I am fascinated by Antoine Geiger’s photo project SUR-FAKE: He makes pics of ordinary people with their phones and then manipulates them in a way that their faces are sucked in by the mobile screens. I guess those photos speak for themselves and give us all something to think about (myself included ;)).

I wish you a wonderful weekend. Have a mobile-free one :)!

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