The Family’s Doctoral Cap!

PhD copyPic by Franzi.

When I was only three years old, my father made his PhD. I still have this childhood memory: My mother was sitting at the dinner table in our old flat crafting a PhD cap for him. We are not sure anymore if it’s the same cap my father stored all this years (the big one in the picture) or if it’s the one his colleagues made him. Nevertheless, in 2011 it was my turn – I got my PhD … and the old doctoral cap of my father. It does look a bit battered by now and is loosing it’s cotton wool (!) sleeve. But the tradition is started and I am finally able to give it to my (little) brother this afternoon. I wonder who will be next ;).

I wish you a wonderful weekend. Be clever and let it be the best :)!

Congrats little bro!

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  1. ..and I am very proud about that. I hope that we will have much more heads to wear my Doctoral Cap in future. However this task should I delegate to you and my son 😉

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