Das Kunstseidene Mädchen/The Artificial Silk Girl by Ingrid Keun!

Kunseidene Maedchen1Pic by Franzi.

A am really into novels about women mastering their unique way of life, ending either tragic or succesful and happy. The book Das kunstseidene Mädchen/The artificial silk girl by Irmgard Keun falls into the first category. I found a used copy in one of my favorite book shops in Hamburg. This is what it’s about:

Doris is a provincial girl, living during the last days of the Weimar Republic. Her heart was already broken once, she is unhappy with her office job and – foremost – wants to be a star („ein Glanz werden“).  She ends up in Berlin and tries to become the lady of a rich men. Sometimes she’s lucky, more often not.

The book is narrated in her own voice – in the form of her diary. I’s lively, funny and tragic. It draws a realistic picture of the pre-Nazi area, and Berlin at the end of the 1920s/beginning of the 1930s. Seems like those times were not always roaring. A must-read!

I wish you a wonderful weekend – with many lazy reading hours :)!

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