Perfect Places Pt.11!

I somehow survived the weekend and all my stuff moved (in a big van!) from Osnabrück to Hamburg. Now I „only“ have to put it all back to were it belongs. So I’m still sitting in a sea of boxes. Meanwhile, let’s dream a bit about our next spring/summer adventures … with some more Perfect Places.

I wish you a wonderful start into the new week!

…The open air cinema time starts soon! Via The Soul Selects.

The favorite place I always find myself relaxing: A corner in a book store!  Via Foto Chulas.

Indoor camping!! Via first home.

Nature at it’s best: Reach a perfect place with a boat! Via Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men.

Outdoor camping!! The comfy way! Via El Capitan Captain, California – Naturae.

A picnic with friends! Via Darling Magazine.

A big hug to all my busy moving helpers!! XO!

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