Salads From My Kitchen: Spinach & Beetroot & Gorgonzola!

SaladPic by Franzi.

I am STILL living without an oven, but thank god it’s spring … that means salad time!! I would like to present you some of my creations – most of the time I am standing in the supermarket and combine wildly the ingredients I believe that would work good together. Here comes my latest idea: Spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes, beetroot and (the best ingredient!) gorgonzola with classic yoghurt sauce.


Ingredients: A handful of fresh spinach leaves, a handful of cherry tomatoes (halved), 2 cooked beetroots (cut into pieces), app. 150 g gorgonzola (crumbled), 1 diced onion, classic yoghurt sauce as dressing (200ml yoghurt, 1 TblSp lemon juice, TSp oil, a dash of salt and white pepper)

Preparation: Simply mix all the ingredients with each other … like one does it with a salad ;).


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