Motivational Quotes!

Hello new week! At the moment I struggle a bit with my work motivation. The to-do list is just not getting smaller. So, I need some inspiration to get me out of bed in the mornings. The quote „The future is not something one recognizes. One creates it.“ by Stanisław Brzozowski helps me in those moments to re-focus onto my goals in life. Here are some more motivational quotes…

I wish you a motivated start into this fresh week!

Quote4Via my little cup runneth over.

Quote3– Eleanor Roosevelt. Via Counselling Blog.

Quote2Via notes to myself.

Quote1– Wall Street Journal. Via Purple Buddha project.

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2 Kommentare zu „Motivational Quotes!“

  1. Lovely quotes! I like Eleanor Roosevelt’s ambitions in life best and how to change your language concerning time. The good thing about saying ‚I don’t have time‘ instead of ‚it’s not a priority‘ though is that you don’t offend anybody 😉

  2. That’s completely right… but to say „it’s not a priority“ also helps you define who is important in your life and worth to spend time with and who not. It’s pretty helpful 😉

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