Those Were My Winter Vacations 2015!

My winter vacations are already one long week ago. Luckily I memorized those beautiful days on photos. Those pictured moments give me a boost every time I look at them. I hated ski school… but it was a big adventure and even bigger challenge. After all, it made me focus on myself and away from all those little things in daily life. Plus, what can be better than a whole week spend with dear friends in a beautiful surrounding?

I wish you a perfect start into a wonderful new week – full of memorable moments that give you power for new challenges!

winter2The first days were snowy and cloudy … I didn’t really care because I was in surviving modus in ski school.

winter1The black ones were my skis. My (third) instructor Anthony told me to be friends with them…

winter3The view from the lift. Did I mention that I’m afraid of heights? Winter vacations really made me look into the eyes of all my fears :D.

winter5On day three the sun appeared and stayed with us until the end!

winter4Pretty mountains!

winter10The nights were spent with games and laughter (and some booze).

winter6Morning views were the best No. I!

winter7Morning views were the best No. II!

winter8Morning views were the best No. III! The view from my chamber!

winter9On the way back home!

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