Week IV of Eating Raw: Fruit Skewer Boats!

Fruit BoatPic by Franzi.

Yes, I am a cheater. I cheated myself through the whole Monthly Challenge of Eating Raw. What can I say? Eating raw is just not my cup of tea… So, why should I change my „cheating“ strategy in the last week of the challenge? I won’t: Fruit skewer boats may better suit a kids birthday party than as a proper „meal“ … but hey, at least they are raw ;).

Recipe: Makes two boats.

Ingredients: 1 blood orange, 1 banana, 1 kiwi, 2 pears.

Preparation: Peel and cube the blood orange, the banana, the kiwi and one pear. Put fruit cubes onto skewers and peak them into the other halved pear.


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