A new Gourmet Box & a Last-Minute Risotto!

Gourmet BoxAll pics by Franzi.

Shortly before X-Mas a new Gourmet Box arrived in my flat. Like always, I couldn’t await to open it and find out about its tasty contains. Here is what I found:

Feinschmecker magazine… Like I told you already: I love cooking zines. And this one even concluded a Berlin special!

Papa Türk soft drink… A soft drink with chlorophyll? I’m a biologist – so, that’s my drink!

Salt with porcini (yellow boletus) by FalksaltSalt with porcini is a great combination – and it tastes fancy.

Freigeist (anti-hangover drink)… After too much booze at night one should drink a bottle of this stuff and feel better next morning. Funny idea. I tried it and have the feeling that it worked a bit ;).

White Wine by Schalkenbosch Weine I didn’t drink this yet, but white wine is always a good idea!

GEPA Salsa Natural Cashew I didn’t know something like this existed! Look below for a recipe with it!

Conclusion: This pre-X-Mas gourmet box contain three products I didn’t know of: A anti-hangover drink, a soft drink with chlorophyll and a cashew salsa. I love surprises & this box contained them. Great choices!

Recipe Last-Minute Risotto: Serves 1-2.

Ingredients: One diced onion, 1 TblSp olive oil, salt, 3 TblSp GEPA Salsa Natural Cashew, 1 cup rice.

Preparation: Cook 1 cup of rice, with 2 cups water and 1 TblSp salt. In a pan, roast diced onions in 1 TblSp olive oil until tender. Add cooked rice and roast for one more minute. Add cashew salsa. Mix well.


I got the Gourmet Box for free. Nevertheless, I only stated my own opinions . I’m happy to answer all questions regarding blog corporations in a personal message. Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links. If you are interested in putting ads on My so-called Luck feel free to email me for details.

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