Three Years of My so-called Luck: Crazy Search Engine Terms!

Three years MscLPic by Franzi.

Last Friday, this blog turned incredible three (!) years old! I really cannot believe it. Three years? Where did all the time go ? I would say that it’s time to celebrate My so-called Luck a bit: This post included, 791 posts were published on this side during those last three years. A Facebook site was born and a Twitter account. My so-called Luck opened many doors for me and got me into contact with inspiring people and places. To give you a small inside into the daily routine with this blog, I would like to share with you the top ten of the craziest search engine terms that led readers to My so-called Luck. The most funny thing is: All of those terms appeared at least three times during the last years. So, they must have some relevance ;).

I wish you a perfect start into a fresh week full of fun!

Top 10 of the funniest search engine terms:

1. „Harry Potter Pasta“ … What on earth?? Did Harry even like pasta?

2. „Coping with Catholic Guilt“ … Hard topic. Maybe you should look for an answer on the Vatican’s website?

3. „What are coloured jeans called?“ … I would dare to answer „coloured jeans“ :).

4. „Naked and Dressed“ … Both famous styling concepts.

5. „Crazy Friends“ … Yes, I know some of them :).

6. „Carrot Top“ … I had to ask Wikipedia. Do you know HIM?

7. „Oooh alright“ … Oooh, alright!

8. „My so-called Osnabrück“ … I love this one!

9. „Single by Choice Quotes“ … This one comes quite often. Maybe I should make a post about it :).

10. „Baby Pugs“ … I would love to have one. – Maybe Google wants to give me a cosmic sign ;)?

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