Some Days Call For Avocado!

AvocadoPic by Franzi.

Do you know those days? After a long work day, you arrive hungry and exhausted at home with no strength left to cook anything? Those days call for something with avocado! It’s maybe the only food that checks all the boxes: Tasty, healthy & comfort food. I used it lately to prepare this easy, fast and delicious salad:

Recipe: Serves 2.

Ingredients: 1 ripe avocado (diced), app. 100 g goat cheese camembert (cut into bite-sized pieces), 2 tomatoes (diced), 1 onion (sliced), 2 TblSps crema balsamico, 2 TblsSps olive oil, salt, pepper.

Preparation: In a big bowl, mix cheese and vegetables. Prepare a dressing with the olive oil, salt and pepper. Top with crema balsamico. Serve immediately.


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