Alfred Ahnert OR: Grandpa!

Opa Fred und ich OberwiesentalMy grandpa and me 1983 in Oberwiesental.

On new year’s eve of the year 1929/30, with the ring of the midnight bells, Alfred Ahnert was born. It was decided that his official birthday would be January, 1st 1930. So, every new year Fred had (at least) two reasons to celebrate. He grew up and became a teacher for Biology and Chemistry. During his studies in Potsdam he get to know his later wife Ruth (who became a teacher for German and History). They build a house in Karl-Marx-Stadt (today known as Chemnitz) and raised three children: Gerald, Ralf and Silvana. Later, those children became parents themselves and Ruth and Fred the proud grandparents of six grandchildren – Jacqueline, me, Tobias, Karsten, Volker and Falk. Now both are gone: My grandmother Ruth died in summer 2006 after a long battle against cancer. My grandpa Fred left this world last Tuesday. He was ready to go. So, I am sad that he is not with us anymore, but I also know that it was time for him to leave this world. In his honor, I would like to share some of my treasured memories of him with you:

Some of my earliest memories with him include two things: He was the big guy who loved to walk in chambers from one end to the other. When we, his grandchildren, were with him, we would run after him the whole time. He walked on and laughed. This game was fun. The other memory is sitting on my grandparents swing porch. I still have the smell of its sun-burned fabric in my nose!

He loved to drink tea. My grandma would prepare him a can of tea and store it on the oven. So, he could refill his cup whenever he liked to.

He explained me the nature. Like I said, he loved to walk. So, he would take us grandchildren with him and go for long walks. The Augustusburg was one of his favorite destinations. While walking, he explained me how ants are organizing their states or the names of the trees on the roadside.

He loved to eat – I am pretty sure that it was with him that I ate my first plate of asparagus!

…Those were only some of the lots of memories with my „Opi Fred“. I am sure his other grandchildren as well as his children and every other person who had the chance to meet him, have many, many more. He left his mark on this earth and I am happy to had him as my grandfather.

I wish you a wonderful new week. Filled with many moments that will become treasured memories!

Opi Omi Chemnitz EnkelHollywoodschaukel 1986My grandparents with five of the six grandchildren in their famous porch swing. (1986, I am sitting at the left end, next to my grandpa).

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