Essen mit Freunden (Eating with Friends) by Ilke S. Prick!

Do you know this feeling: You are reading a book and identify yourself so much with the main character that you just cannot put it down? Despite the fact that I’m reading a lot, this happens only seldom to me. But with Ilke S. Prick’s novel Essen Mit Freunden (Eating with Friends) it happened again. – I read a whole night long. The story just grabbed me: Luise is a single-woman in her 40s and not very happy with her current job situation. What she really loves is cooking for her friends … and baking cantuccinis. On one of her lowest points she resolves to change her life and to start her own business – a catering service that tries to serve dishes that one would cook for friends or family. Sometimes she even has to cook incognito to not let the guests know who the true cook is. It’s a funny, romantic and brave story about a woman who finds her destination. Loved it!

I wish you weekend full of delicious moments with friends and family!

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