Late Summer To Dos!

Late SummerPic by Franzi.

Another August week started! Looking outside, one might think that it’s already autumn. But NO, it’s still late summer – and will be for the next few weeks. Now is the time to make all the things one loves in summer – at least one more time. I prepared you a small list of things I plan to do… Are there other to-dos on your late summer list?

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I wish you a perfect new late summer week! Have a good one and spend as much hours outside as possible!

Take your friends and make a bike trip together.

A picnic in a cornfield.

Collect blackberries and make jam!

Bake a plum-cake.

Light a fire in the evening and enjoy grilled marshmallows.

Have some more BBQs with your friends.

Have a drink on your balcony, light a candle and enjoy the sundown.

Take one last bath in the lake.

Have some sunflowers on your dining table.

Go to the flea market on Sunday afternoons!

Enjoy all those fruits and vegetables that the farmers market is offering right now: Courgettes, pumpkins, tomatoes, cucumbers, chanterelles, beans!

Go book-shopping …and plan cozy autumn days on your sofa.

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