Those Were My Days … At The Sea!

My time at the sea is already more than one week ago. Oh, I am craving the sound of he sea gulls, the wind at the harbor, the cold of the water and the sallow thorn ice-cream. I miss the solitude, the little house near the tower, the church and its famous pipe organ. Why do vacations always have to end so fast? I am happy to be home again, but the melancholia of these past few weeks is still in my heart.

I wish you a perfect start into a wonderful week, filled with many memorable moments!

BeachThe beach …sometimes wild and dangerous (and cold!), sometimes calm like a lake! All pics by Franzi.

Barth4Barth …the harbor = the place I ate ice-cream ALL THE TIME.

Barth6Barth …on my last day there was a feast at the harbor and I rode with the ferry wheel!

Barth5Barth …one of the prettiest gardens I ever saw!

Barth2Barth …the small white house on the right is where I lived!

Barth1Barth …in this church I listened to two fantastic (!) concerts.

Barth3Barth …I tried to watch the sundown at the harbor every evening (while eating ice-cream).

Hiddensee1Hiddensee …I made a one-day trip there (3 hours on the ferry to the island, 3 hours on the island, 3 hours on the ferry back to Barth – so worth it!).

Hiddensee2Hiddensee …I love the wild feeling of this island!

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