Melon Bites With Goat Cheese!

Melon BitesPic by Franzi.

During the last days, it was HOT in Osnabrück. The only thing I had in mind returning home after an exhausting working day was REFRESHMENT. I wasn’t even very hungry. So I decided to treat myself with some tiny fresh melon bites, filled with creamy goat cheese and a dash of crema di balsamico. This was just what I needed – something light to cool down.

Recipe: Serves 2-3.

Ingredients: 1/2 galia melon (cut into quarters), 1 package creamy goat cheese, pepper, salt, crema di balsamico.

Preparation: Fill the melon with app. 2 TblSps goat cheese. Season with salt and pepper, top with a dash of crema di balsamico.


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