June Favs!

Here it is finally: June! Summer! Blue skies! Swimming pool season! Vacations! … Okay, this one certainly belongs into the list: Soccer world championship! I couldn’t await this month: There are a lot of phenomenal events coming up within the next 30 days. It already starts this week with a The National concert in Hamburg and MAYBE at the end of the month there will be a little baby born and a good friend of mine will suddenly be a mum. Did I already mention that I am in love with June? So good that it’s finally here.

I wish you a wonderful start into a month full of exciting events, sun …and soccer!

I am in awe: A monk who prayed 1,000 times a day for 20 years left his footprints ingrained in the wood floor. Wow! Via Neatorama.

I have no clue where this train is driving (my guess: Japan?) but it is a stunning piece of floral underground/street art! Via Highest Heels.

A nerdy but fascinating chart about the origin of the distinct smell after it has rained. One of the best scents ever! Via It’s okay to be smart.

This photo made me dig into the depth of the web to find out whose artwork this is. The answer: It’s Evan Roth’s ‚Slide to Unlock: Multi-Touch Painting Series‘ and shows the fingerprints left on an iPhone by unlocking it. Ingenious!

Love at first sight: I really need this dip-dyed wallpaper. It’s life-essential. Via Calico.

Those quesadillas look incredible delicious: With caramelized onions and avocado. Yummi! Via The Roasted Root.

 A heartfelt and inventive reminder for all of us to look up. I will try to follow this advise more in the future.

Have a wonderful start into this new month with this unbelievable performance of 7-year-old Angelina Jordan (winner of the 2014 season of Norske Talenter aka Norway’s Got Talent).

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