My Typical French Recipes

Oh looks like they ran out of ideas

… well, no. This post is not about typical french cuisine, sorts of. It is about my impression of typical french cuisine. And in my experience, people are both surprised and impressed by my recipes because they didn’t know the dish. While most people think about baguette, croissants and wine – I still have the taste of a 5-year-old when it comes to french food. And here are some of my favourites.

To start with, I’d like to present to you: la galette des rois. Since I was a kid I loved to celebrate the 6th of January – the epiphany – with a family reunion and a cake which was able to make you king or queen for a day. It is tradition in France that after dinner, the whole family shares this almond cake. Everybody gets a piece of it and the one who finds the porcelain figurine hidden inside of it gets to be crowned.

Second, here’s a french treat which might count as fast food and can be found all over the French shores: moules frites. It’s mussels and fries and originally from Belgium. Next time you’re on holidays at the atlantic or the mediterranean sea, make sure to try it.

Then, there’s this dish which has always been one of my favourites as a kid: hachis parmentier. It is so easy to make since it basically contains minced meat, mashed potatoes and cheese. What would a kid not like about that?

Last but not least, these sweet treats are the highlight of every french bakery visit: eclairs. They’re a pastry made from dough, filled with cream and topped with icing. The typical flavours are chocolate, vanilla and coffee – which is my favourite as it isn’t as sweet as the others. Make sure to try these next time you’re in France and enjoy!

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