What I’m Listening To Right Now!

My March soundtrack is always a mixture of some happy tunes and some melancholic ones. It is a month of transitions – winter is ending, spring already perceptible (The air! It smells so good!). I am humming the melodies of fresh discovered songs: The texts are mostly about love and life and everything in between. And here they come – those are the songs I am listening to right now…

Have fun while listening!

„The bastards are winning, swindlers are swindling but hey, hey lover we may yet stand a chance“: The Heartbreaks – Hey, Hey Lover

„I’m a liar and a cheat, I know time is on my side. I’ve got plenty of years to waste, I’ve got plenty of love to give. Why do I care to spare another lifetime by the sea If you’re standing there with me, than it’s where I want to be.“: Lilly Wood And The Prick – Where I Want To Be (California)

„I’ll never never never never never never refuse you“: Beck – Blackbird Chain

„And it’s what you do that comes back to you.“: Mighty Oaks – Back To You

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