January Favs!

Wow, the first January weekend is already over. To be honest with you, I really dread the first and second months of the year. They seem to last forever and are still so dark and cool. So, I guess it is important to spent as much time as is possible outside, enjoying the small amount of day light that these months are offering. Yesterday, me and two friends of mine spent a few hours outside trying to geocash. Despite we were not very successful in finding anything, I really liked the activity. Hopefully, I will have more chances to go on the hunt for little treasures this month. Meanwhile I present you my January favs ;).

I wish you a good start into this new January week (hopefully you will find a few treasures of your own)!

This pregnant ballerina deeply impressed me with her statement that she will be dancing until the end! Via Mail Online.

A quote that quite possibly could have been said by myself. Via A Place For Art.

A dream of a (silent and wood smelling) office! Via 99u.

Yummi looking appetizers: Brie and Cranberry Bites! Via Crumb.

I need this: Bike SpokeLit. Via Firebox.

Cute Ghostie Tote Bag! Via Utique.

This film starts only in March but I can’t await to see it.

And a song for a relaxed start into the new January week (with an incredibly smart-looking Max Herre 😉 ):

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