X-Mas Thoughts 2013!

So, this is X-Mas… Again. Is it really possible that 12 months are already gone? Unbelievable. I’m driving home for X-Mas today and I expect to have a nice time with my friends and family. It’s the time of the year, one should look back and remind oneself of the good things in life. The things one should be grateful for. Thus, today I wanna say thank you…

… to my friends, who are incredible – every single one of them. My rock-stars!

… to my family. They may all be a bit crazy. Some more, some less. But they are healthy and alive and we are all in the same boat 😉

… for all the possibilities in my life. I learned this year how important it is to follow my dreams. Suddenly everything seems possible again.

… for my decisions. Some were wrong, most of them were perfectly right. I am extremely grateful that I had the strength to stand up for myself.

… to my readers! This blog is a permanent source of inspiration for me.

I wish you a delightful and merry (X-Mas) week!

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