December Favs!

Wow… we made it to December!!! Last month of the year! X-Mas time! There’s so much to celebrate right now. I hope you will all master to stay relaxed despite the whole craziness around us. Aaaaah, I need to think about X-mas presents immediately!!!

I wish you a calm new week and a wonderful December!

A simple modern candle cross! Via Snug.

A perfect eye make-up for X-Mas! Via The Beauty Department.

Funny fake fur loop! Via Nordstrom.

The Van Gogh bicycle path in Roosegaarde (Netherland) glows at night! Via heijmans.

Wes Anderson made a short film for Prada, starring Jason Schwartzman as a race-car driver in a small Italian town in 1955 which turns out to be the birthplace of his ancestors.

Aaaand a song to kick-start into the new month.

Happy B-Day W.!

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