Memories with Chickpeas!

When I think about chickpeas I always have to think about a guy named M. He was a close friend of mine and we were both in my old „cooking club“. We met every month or so and created a perfect dinner – with starter, main dish and dessert. M was a complicated case: He disliked most ingredients. It was nearly impossible to find a dish that fitted his taste. But there was one ingredient that he loved – chickpeas! Thus, I was always looking for new recipes with these tasty little peas. Unfortunately live went on and these days we very seldom hear from each other… but I always think of my old friend when I try out a new dish withchickpeas.

HummusChickpea FriesChickpea Crepe
FalafelChickpea SoupSpicy Oven-Roasted Chickpeas

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