Caiguas (or in German: Inkagurken)!

InkagurkenPic by Franzi.

I can nearly hear your thoughts: What is a caigua? Caiguas are little gherkins and called ‚Inkagurken‘ here in Germany. I only know them because they grow on the roof garden from my pals Inka (!) and Frank. Maybe you can imagine how proud Inka is of her plant that is called exactly like her. While they were on vacation I had the important task to take care of them. The plant was loaded with green and spiky fruits that begged to be harvested. Admittedly I had to ask the internet about possible recipes – I was a bit afraid of the spikes. I learned that one can eat the raw fruits when the are still tiny and the spikes soft. The bigger fruits are hollow inside and can be filled with cream cheese and herbs and baked for app. 30 minutes at 200°C in the oven. That’s what I did with them – and the result were some fancy and delicious appetizer :).

Dedicated to Inka & Frank.

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