DIY: Earring Storage Board!

Earring FramePic by Franzi.

I own A LOT of earrings. There was even a time I seldom was seen without a long pair of them dangling at my ears. But how do you store them all – in a way that you find the one pair you’re feeling like currently easily? That’s a question that was unresolved in my life for many years. Until I got the PERFECT present: A beautiful board with chains that carry my earrings, every single one perfectly in view. And since my own earring storage board was such an epiphany in my own life, I made a new one as gift for another earring-crazy lady (you know who you are ;)). Here is how I’ve made it:

Materials: A frame (w/o the glass window), fabric for the background, chains of different sizes (ask in your DIY store), sewing things (twine, needle).

Instruction: Simply stretch the fabric over the background of your frame and either sew the ends to fix it (that’s what I did) or glue it (might be a bit messy). Sew the chains onto the board. Voilá, that’s it!

I wish you an easy and beautiful new week!

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