Berlin Underwear!

„We want to set an impulse against the tendency of the corporations, who produce in overseas exploiting their staff who is working in unhumanitarian conditions and pay as little as possible to the workers, selling in the West as expensive as possible. Only by not doing so, we can maintain the quality of the products and the living condition of all participants on a high level. By short distances of transport we want to minimize the wasting of resources. In times where even the fresh bread in the bakery around the corner comes deep-frozen from China and Vietnam, this is of highest importance for us.“

My friends brought me a nice present from the Fusion festival – a panty from Berlin Underwear, a small Berlin-located label that manufactures fancy underwear by hand, local and fair. I really like the idea, the design and the soft fabric. – And as a native Berlin-girl myself the label name seems quite fitting ;).

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