They are back: Daft Punk!

Maybe it’s a little late to start to tell you that the new Daft Punk album Random Access Memories is fabulous and will be in your ears the whole summer long – the perfect soundtrack for long road trips or for long party nights after spending your day at the beach. The media rave about them for weeks anyway. But still. The two French guys produced an album that fits perfectly into the year 2013. It is light and dancy and not too sophisticated. Perfectly suitable for the hipster generation and everyone else. 1997 was the year, Daft Punk were responsible for the most massive earworm of my life. Around the world, around the world, around the world. I listened to it while I stayed in Malta during the summer months back then and every time I hear it now, I am catapulted back in time – being my old teenage self again. Chapeau to the guys of Daft Punk to be able to create a music that is able to do something like that and chapeau to their big album success!

2013: Get Lucky feat Pharell Williams & Nile Rogers

1997: Around the World

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