What I’m Listening to Right Now!

We have a new month and this means I will tell you again what I am listening to right now. It’s pretty much mixed-up at the moment. There are days when I only use my record player and others when I am working on my spring list with pure digital help. So you are allowed to say that I am currently listening to a lot of different genres. But hey, it’s spring – the world outside is on transition and maybe so is also my playlist. Those four songs made it already on it:

Allen Stone – The Bed I Made … if you ask me, than this guy is crazy – but oh so good!

Glass Candy – The Possessed … it’s this certain 80s charm that makes this song so special for me!

Ghostpoet – Meltdown … a song simply like I like it!

MAXIM & Judith Holofernes – Meine Soldaten … it’s German and it remembers me on a time that is gone now, but still has the potential to evoke a lot of emotions inside me.

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